Saturday, December 31, 2011

the needs in my life.
thanks for always
being there be it rain or shine.

especially those who are
24/7 like my 711.

2011 is coming
to an end.
i greatly appreciate
everyone who pass by.
even if you had left,
thanks for being
part of my life previously.

thou is not a good year,
lost 2 friends in a year.
i hope you are doing fine
in heaven.

those who are still here
with me,
lets meet up more,
be it jus a short catch up
over coffee.
tots that matter.
hoping pilot friends would
change, i don't like it.
i hate disappointment.
-forgive and forget-

this 2 weeks plus of
i went out alot alot,
spam money like siao.
i really enjoyed every single
meet up.
esp the one i had ytd.
with aihui,lence,yilong and kenneth.
shopping togt,
long walk.
it nvr fails to bring back
and a random catch up
wid ziqing buddy.

every year,
i nvr fail to make a resolution for
the next year.
Same goes for this year.
1. Family and friends to be healthy.
2. Stay bonded with my loved ones be it cliques and closed friends.
3. Stay stronger.
4. Graduate.
5. Taiwan trip
6. No more probs w your mum. (if we meant to last)
7. Aunt to stay happier and stronger
8. Get a job after tw trip

(: happy new year everyone!
may you had a blast!

Don't betray my trust,
Mr liar.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

something every girl
look fwrd to.
mine was srsly
a blast
w all the loved
i havent seen.
esp ec0718,
who stayed the latest
and wanting to throw me into
the pool.

those who backed out,
hope to see you guys real soon ok?

finally a sem gone.
hols time!

close to 1 week
to xmas,
half a month
to end of 2011,
1 month
to cny.

half a year more
to graduation.
thanks for those
who told me not to
give up when i was
on th verge to quit.
i gonna make it
with the square cap (:

sometime i wonder,
should some stuffs
just be left like this.

check out my business
w my sister.
Spread the joy around too!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

time really flies so fast,
i have neglected this space
of mine here for close to 4 months plus.

start of dis sem,
june sucks.
but finally it have
come to an end.

just wish for a pass.

oct 3;
start of another
endure endure.
i need to get that over.

my boy have enlisted
for a month plus.
now he is at obs sabah,
day 5 w/o his msg and calls.
4 more days to go.

oh yay,
im flying off too
when hes back.
cant wait for my trip
and to see him back.♥

thanks for all those
who are there for me
no matter rain or shine!
*big big huggs*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

have not been here, since mar.

time really flies.

this term is coming

to the end.

now is the peak period

or assignment then soon


cant wait for a short break
once again.
been pretty packed

with bday party this period.

21st 21st.

had a pretty weird dream,

*cross fingers*

hoping it wont come true.

shall update soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

finally been to the zoo,
after so much nagging
at my babyboy :X

so far,
i have been enjoying
my hols. two weeks,
so so so short.
been to sentosa,zoo and
also malaysia
to celebrate cussie bday
and also kbox and beer
till late night.

next coming up;
w babyboy,sister
and friends.

soon i gonna mark th end
of my hols thou.

xb was gone.
hope she will be somewhere
i miss you,my dear.
i miss your bark,
your hyper-ness,
the happiness you
brought to me.

just uploaded
perth photos
taken by DSLR.
like finally.
its gonna be
a year soon.
i miss everything there.
the slow pace.

next year,
maybe second time
to perth,

shall update soon
when im back from

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

time really flies,
is now 2011!
hope it would
be a better year ahead.

second term of
school jus started.
just celebrate
ninth month togt too.

started working
in clinic,
pretty good experience
and i have to say,
i really learnt alot.

this month,
im looking fwrd
to primary school gathering.
really hope to see everyone!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

slow pace.

tuition in
the morning.
noon till night
well spent at
liang court
for early dinner,
monopoly deal
with a cup of
hot caramel macchiato
on a nice cool weather.

spend more than
half a day
at home.
gonna get prepared
to head out
for sher's 21st
at yck.

time to catch up
with friends that
i haven't seen
for sometime.